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Monitoring and Evaluation
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  • Capacity building training on M&E
  • Developing of Framework/M&E systems/Tools
  • Data analysis using SPSS,Epidata,stata,GIS,MS Excel etc
  • Scientific Research,Data collection and report writing
  • Project needs assessment,Survey and End Line Evaluation
  • Project Planning and Managment
Organization Capacity Development
Read more about Capacity Development
  • Organization Capacity assessment
  • Capacity development plan
  • Strategic plan Development
  • Human Resource Capacity Development
  • NGO coaching and mentoring
GBV/Child Protection
Read more about GBV
  • Child protection/GBV Trainings
  • Developing GBV/Protection Referral path ways
  • Developing Child/GBV Policy
  • Gender mainstreaming and Analysis
Adolescent life skills and mentorship
Read more about Adolescent life skills
  • Understanding Life Skills
  • Adolescents/Youth Career guidance and mentorship
  • Life skill in addressing HIV/AIDs/STIs prevention care & Treatment
  • Behaviors Change & Communication skills in Adolescents
  • Life skills in addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health issues
  • Adolescent Referral,Tracking ,Response and  Reporting  of cases of Violence(RTRR)
Participatory methodology
Read more about Participatory methodology
  • Understanding participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA)
  • Tools and Approaches used in PRA/PLA
  • How to use PRA/PLA for social research and participation
Peace building and Conflict Resolution
Read more about Peace Building
  • Understanding   peace building
  • Causes of conflict among 
  • Steps in peace building
  • Mediation and dialogue
  • Ways of conducting conflict resolution
Literacy Skills Development
Read more about Literacy Skills Development
  • Functional Literacy Skills Development and non formal education(Accelerated Education&Adult Literacy)
  • Curriculum training guide and local  materails development
  • Functional Adult Literacy Training
  • Developing tailor made Adult litercy  in any project
  • Training trainers of trainees
  • Accelerated Learning methodology
  • Home based ECD and Establishing Home learning centres
Entrepreneurial and Business skills development
Read more on Enterpreneurial and Business Skills Development
  • Business plan and model development
  • Business Coaching and Mentorship
  • Starting business enterprises (Generate your business ideas, start small business &improve your business)
  • Business Consultancy and advisory services (Business audit)
  • Agri Business skills / Farming as a Business
Good Governance and Social Accountability
Read more about Good Governance and Social Accountability
  • Social Accountability training
  • Developing community score cards and tools
  • Developing customized training model
  • Gender responsive public service delivery
Fund raising and Resource Mobilization
Read more about Fund raising
  • Project development
  • Developing fundraising strategy
  • Concepts notes, Proposal/Research writing
Understanding Adolescent Conflict Management
Read more about Adolescent Conflict Management

·         Definition of Conflict

·         Forms of conflict & Violence       among adolescents

·         Why conflict lead to violence

·         Causes of conflict

·         Effects of conflict

·         Conflict management

·         How to manage conflict in Adolescent

Understanding Adolescent Conflict Disaster Risk Managment
Read more about Adolescent Disaster Risk Management

·         Definition of disaster

·         Forms of disaster

·         Causes of disaster

·         Effects of disaster

·         Disaster management

·         Understanding Risk

·         Definition of Risk

·         Forms of risks

·         Causes of risks

·         Effects of risks

·         Risk management


We believe that solving the contemporary development challenges requires new innovative strategies, acting and working in partnership with our clients. We work with our esteemed partners to better understand their organizational needs, current programmatic activities, and develop tailor made internal and external strategies for organizational capacity development through an effective and efficient in-house team management and staff capacity building to bring about timely and effective change.


Our team is made up of innovative, highly qualified, and dynamic professionals who are reliable with good understanding of the local conditions in Uganda and Africa at large. We use practical field enriched approaches to design and implement training programs and services tailored to the organizational needs. Bringing value to your business through cost effective  practices that can be implemented and sustained internally by your te


We offer consultancy services in;

  • Project Evaluation, Needs Assessment, baseline surveys and social research
  • Project proposal Development
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Organization capacity Development
  • GBV and Child Protection
  • Adolescent SRH  & life skills development
  • Entrepreneurial &Business skills Development
  • Functional Adult Literacy Skills Development
  • Fundraising & Resource Mobilization
  • Governance &Social Accountability
  • Adolescents Conflict Disaster Risk Management
  • Peace building and Conflict resolutions

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