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Monitoring and Evaluation
Read more on Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Capacity building training on M&E
  • Developing of Framework/M&E systems/Tools
  • Data analysis using SPSS,Epidata,stata,GIS,MS Excel etc
  • Scientific Research,Data collection and report writing
  • Project needs assessment,Survey and End Line Evaluation
  • Project Planning and Managment
Organization Capacity Development
Read more about Capacity Development
  • Organization Capacity assessment
  • Capacity development plan
  • Strategic plan Development
  • Human Resource Capacity Development
  • NGO coaching and mentoring
GBV/Child Protection
Read more about GBV
  • Child protection/GBV Trainings
  • Developing GBV/Protection Referral path ways
  • Developing Child/GBV Policy
  • Gender mainstreaming and Analysis
Adolescent life skills and mentorship
Read more about Adolescent life skills
  • Understanding Life Skills
  • Adolescents/Youth Career guidance and mentorship
  • Life skill in addressing HIV/AIDs/STIs prevention care & Treatment
  • Behaviors Change & Communication skills in Adolescents
  • Life skills in addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health issues
  • Adolescent Referral,Tracking ,Response and  Reporting  of cases of Violence(RTRR)
Participatory methodology
Read more about Participatory methodology
  • Understanding participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA)
  • Tools and Approaches used in PRA/PLA
  • How to use PRA/PLA for social research and participation
Peace building and Conflict Resolution
Read more about Peace Building
  • Understanding   peace building
  • Causes of conflict among 
  • Steps in peace building
  • Mediation and dialogue
  • Ways of conducting conflict resolution
Literacy Skills Development
Read more about Literacy Skills Development
  • Functional Literacy Skills Development and non formal education(Accelerated Education&Adult Literacy)
  • Curriculum training guide and local  materails development
  • Functional Adult Literacy Training
  • Developing tailor made Adult litercy  in any project
  • Training trainers of trainees
  • Accelerated Learning methodology
  • Home based ECD and Establishing Home learning centres
Entrepreneurial and Business skills development
Read more on Enterpreneurial and Business Skills Development
  • Business plan and model development
  • Business Coaching and Mentorship
  • Starting business enterprises (Generate your business ideas, start small business &improve your business)
  • Business Consultancy and advisory services (Business audit)
  • Agri Business skills / Farming as a Business
Good Governance and Social Accountability
Read more about Good Governance and Social Accountability
  • Social Accountability training
  • Developing community score cards and tools
  • Developing customized training model
  • Gender responsive public service delivery
Fund raising and Resource Mobilization
Read more about Fund raising
  • Project development
  • Developing fundraising strategy
  • Concepts notes, Proposal/Research writing
Understanding Adolescent Conflict Management
Read more about Adolescent Conflict Management

·         Definition of Conflict

·         Forms of conflict & Violence       among adolescents

·         Why conflict lead to violence

·         Causes of conflict

·         Effects of conflict

·         Conflict management

·         How to manage conflict in Adolescent

Understanding Adolescent Conflict Disaster Risk Managment
Read more about Adolescent Disaster Risk Management

·         Definition of disaster

·         Forms of disaster

·         Causes of disaster

·         Effects of disaster

·         Disaster management

·         Understanding Risk

·         Definition of Risk

·         Forms of risks

·         Causes of risks

·         Effects of risks

·         Risk management